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Site Design & Architecture

Beatwave develops websites with the primary focus on the user; you; your present, past and potential customers; your suppliers; your co-workers… even your competitors. 

At Beatwave, all web design and development decisions are made by answering a few questions:
“Who are your users?”
“What do the users want from the site?”
“How important is it for you, the site owner, to satisfy each of their wants?”
“How can their wants be best satisfied?”

A lot of web development companies are only driven by process and detail. These are important but in the right areas, at the right time during the development process.

The danger of this traditional way of developing a website is that every single element has to be thought of, and locked in, at the front of the process. This is fine if everything you commit to is correct and circumstances don’t change during the production process, which can take several months. In many cases, what you may think is a prudent way of controlling costs becomes a nightmare of revisions and additional costs.

The Beatwave web development team combines the senior experience of a consumer researcher, a creative director & designer and a systems analyst & web developer.

This combination, along with our inclusive iterative development process, ensures we remain customer-centric and you (and your team) are in control and re-assured each step of the way. 

Our process ensures that the development team (Client & Beatwave) has the ability to evolve its thinking over the entire process of developing the site and then maintaining and re-focussing it over time.

From a financial perspective, this also allows you to prioritise your investment and, with ever changing customer demands, alter your priorities throughout the development process - without fear of penalisation.

To see examples of sites we have designed see our Portfolio.